Frequently Asked Questions

What is the annual Family Membership fee used for?   

The membership fees specifically contribute to the accomplishments of the MVAA by providing funds to manage the day-to-day business operations (MVAA’s mission) and support future planning and development (MVAA’s vision) of the association.  Membership dues are allocated accordingly across the association in the following manner:

  • 47% of your Membership Fee is for insurance for the association
  • 34% goes to support a part-time Administrative Assistant
  • 10% goes to capital improvement
  • 9% goes to support MVAA’s internet, web site, membership mailing and supply account.


Can I get a refund if my child changes his/her mind after registering or if we have conflicts with other sports/activities? 

You can read our refund policy by clicking HERE.  Please review our policy closely before registering your child.  We do allow refunds until the posted refund deadline date for each sports sign-up season.  After that, refunds are not granted for scheduling conflicts or for a chance of mind.

Can I find out the practice schedule before registering my child for a sport?   Many of our sports’ directors cannot tell you practice schedules ahead of time.  Typically (for sports such as soccer and baseball), the practice schedule depends upon how many children sign up, how many teams we have within each age group, the availability of the coaches and availability of field space.  Once teams are set and coaches are identified, sports directors schedule the practices based upon the requests and availability of the assigned coaches.

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