General Policies

  • Intramurals teams do not normally practice over Thanksgiving and Winter breaks because many players are away on vacation and the high cost of Gym rental. We will be having skill sessions on Saturdays during the breaks so that players can work on improving their skills during the breaks.
  • Anyone playing for a Middletown Travel Team or High School Team is not allowed to play on intramural teams.
  • Everyone is to signup for their current grade level for intramural programs.  Travel teams are open to all but rarely do players not in middle school have the skills necessary to make these teams.
  • No one is allowed to play at a higher grade level for intramural programs, unless several players are needed at a higher level after signups in order to balance the number of players on teams. If all teams at a higher level have 8 or more players someone may be allowed to move up if by allowing 1-3 players to move up we can create another team of 7-8 players. All teams should try to have 7-8 players in order to always have enough players to play games and yet not have so many that amount of playing time is sacrificed. Any player that is moved up has to be evaluated by the Director of Basketball.
  • WMAA teams are allowed to have teams play in the MVAA intramural leagues these teams must be balanced if they have more than one team in a league and no players on WMAA teams can be from the Middletown Elementary draw area or outside of the Middletown High School draw area without permission of MVAA Director of Basketball. Fees for these teams are based on the number of players and what it cost MVAA to run the league.

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